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Covid-19 Update, 19th April

First of all I hope that you are all keeping well and finding ways to cope with the exceptional circumstances we are currently in.  In such a large Club I am sure there are members who have experienced a whole range of difficulties, whether that be worrying about family and friends, coping with the isolation themselves or whose work and financial circumstances may have been seriously impacted.  I am sure we all sincerely hope that some sort of end comes to this in the near future and things can get in some way back to normal, if that will ever be the case again.

I have not written a Club-wide e-mail for a few weeks, but that is because the situation as regards cricket is still unclear.  You are no doubt all aware that the ECB declared that there should be no form of cricket, professional or recreational, until at least the 28th May. The reality is that, at present, it is impossible to say when any cricket will be able to be played this Summer and, if so, what form this will take.

Taking an optimistic view our thinking, like many Clubs and leagues, is for some form of start maybe in July enabling a half season of sorts.  There has been talk of extending the season further into September but this presents logistical difficulties with grounds, notwithstanding the weather.  Also playing league matches as arranged but with no promotion or relegation (note this is all general thinking across the country rather than Surrey or Kent specific where we play).

For many Clubs their main concern is financial, and Dulwich CC is no different.  As part of a bigger Sports Club we are in a better position than many standalone cricket clubs but the financial ‘loss’ to the cricket club will be significant.  Some form of half season will help but currently it is difficult to estimate the extent of the financial impact with any certainty.  The uncertainty around our large junior coaching programme (as well as their league cricket), Summer Camps, etc, means  we are suffering a huge hit from this potentially.

The Club is thinking of ways we can mitigate any loss by looking at how we can raise some funds, as well as minimising our expenditure.  At present, we do not plan to request any senior subscriptions for the 2020 season until we have a clearer picture of when cricket will be able to start.  Better news is that our ground contractors have been able to continue preparation of our ground after the wet winter and so we should be in a position to start fairly quickly if given a green light, but even this may require a week or two lead in period.  Likewise, ground work has continued on our second ground at DSG.

I will be in touch again when, hopefully, the picture becomes a bit clearer.

In the meantime take care, follow the health guidance and keep fit and well.

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