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Three players to a net from next week (6th June Update)

We have now received some updated guidance from the ECB as regards the use of cricket facilities for practice and coaching.  This follows the Government announcement last weekend that, from 1st June, practice and coaching can operate in small groups of up to 6 people providing all public health guidelines can be followed.

This is good news as it allows some junior coaching to now take place in groups and allows a bit more flexibility for adult practice.  The general guidance and booking system guidance will be update accordingly and re-circulated over the weekend.  But I thought I would give you advance warning.

Note the following only applies at present to the evening net sessions for senior players (Tuesday and Thursday) , under 16s / 17s (Monday) and women / girls (Wednesday).

From Monday, 7th June players can use the fixed net facilities in groups of 3 people.  Although up to 6 people can train in groups it is not possible to keep to the social distancing requirements in the enclosed nets with such a number.  This will also enable us to keep to the three 50-minute slots each evening which we feel gives enough time for both batting and bowling with just 3 people.  Increasing numbers above this would create social distancing problems and would also mean having to lengthen the time of the slots.  This way we can accommodate 6 groups of 3 players on each evening.

Note we will review this position at the end next week.  Also, for now the roll-on nets on the square should not be used but this will also be reviewed at the end of next week and we hope to make them available for the senior sessions on Tuesday and Thursday in the near future.  Use of the roll-on nets will likely be able to be done in groups larger than 3 people as distancing is much easier.

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