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Latest Government and ECB Announcements - 29th May

I appreciate that there has been a rush of communication from myself and the Club in the last day or two but it is important I write again following the ECB’s announcement yesterday, together with the latest Government announcements.  I will keep it brief !

First of all the Government announced yesterday evening an easing of the restrictions on gatherings of people.  From Monday, 1st June groups of up to 6 people can meet in open spaces but still subject to social distancing, etc.  In addition the ECB announced a further postponement of domestic county cricket until the 1st August – see ECB’s announcement.  Professional county players who have been furloughed will be able to return to training in July in readiness for a start in August. 

My immediate reaction was to assume that this would mean that recreational cricket is also suspended until 1st August but that is not necessarily the case, though the suspension until 1st July is still in place.  With the Government easing restrictions on groups, schools re-opening in some capacity and other more positive signs ECB are in discussions with Government about what this could mean for cricket, including recreational cricket.

We need to await the outcome of these discussions but, at present, I am working on the assumption that recreational cricket is still suspended up to 1st July until further notice.

Watch this space…..

Kind regards.

Graeme Hough


Dulwich Cricket Club

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