Annual Subscriptions

Subscription rates for adult members

This years subscriptions include a £10 discount at our online kit store. Subscription rates for the coming year (to be paid by 1st May 2018) are:

  • Adult men – £210

  • Ladies – £100

  • Students over 18 at 1st May and in full-time education – £105

  • Students over 16 and under 18 at 1st May – £85

  • Adults who are playing members of another section – £135

  • Concessions (eg unemployed adults) as agreed by the club – £95

  • Social members – £25

Playing members who are in default to pay their annual subscription by 1st May 2018 may lose their right to be considered for selection to play at or for the Club so long as their subscriptions remain unpaid.

(All subscriptions are exempt from VAT.)

Subscription rates for junior members

Information about the registration process and fees payable for juniors cricket are set out on the Juniors News page.

How do I make my payment?

(a)    All existing members:

If you are an existing member of the club please log on by clicking here and following the onscreen instructions. There is provision to request a password reminder if you have forgotten your password or are yet to set one up. If you experience any difficulty logging in please contact Ollie Steward (senior members) or Sam Krafft (junior members).

(b)   New members:

If you are joining the club for the first time, please register on-line by clicking here.

Please note: If you are struggling financially, then please discuss this with John Smith or John Lawrence and the club may be able to help.

(All subscriptions are inclusive of VAT).