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Selection Policy

Selection Process and Policy

All Dulwich sides are selected based on a combination of performance and ability; availability, attendance at training, attitude and commitment; the payment of subscriptions and match fees; and adherence to the Club’s Code of Conduct.

The balance of each side will be a priority. This includes the balancing of youth and experience and the balancing of qualities such that each player has a role within the team for which they are selected.


Selection decisions will be taken with the long term benefit of the club in mind.


Dulwich supports the development of younger players and will always seek to progress talented youngsters.


The overriding objectives of the policy are to provide consistency and fairness to all.

Applying the Policy

The Selection Committee will comprise the Chairman of Cricket, the Club’s Team Secretary and all team captains.


All members of the Selection Committee are expected to attend selection meetings. When a captain is unable to attend an acceptable delegate (usually the vice captain) must be arranged.

Players make themselves available for selection for all sides, unless special dispensation has been granted by the Selection Committee.

Whilst each captain needs to be satisfied with their team, selection decisions are the responsibility of the Selection Committee as a whole.

The role of the Chairman will be to ensure the Committee are selecting in line with the Selection Policy as stated above.

All members of the Selection Committee are expected to accept and operate the Selection Policy as stated above which is subject to annual review.

Any issues related to selection should be raised with the appropriate captain(s) and, if not resolved, escalated to the Chairman of the Selection Committee.

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