Indoor Cricket School

After 140 summers, Dulwich Cricket Club goes for a 12-month season!

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Who are we?

Dulwich Cricket Club traces its history back to the foundation of the Aeolian Cricket Club in 1867. Members have enjoyed the summer game in Camberwell and Dulwich for over 140 years, but today we have ambitions to help the wider local community more, and to extend the season by coaching and playing through the winter.  A major development for South London cricket and South London youth, but the Club needs your help.

What will we build?

A “green” building, sustainable and energy economical, with timber frame and specialist flooring, the design will follow ECB and Sport England guidelines to provide three nets, one designed for spin bowling practice.  The nets can be drawn back to give an open playing area.  Video recording and a viewing gallery will optimise the practical use of the building.  The choice of site will mean that outside users will present minimal disruption to the other Dulwich Sports Club sections.

Dulwich Cricket players will benefit, our younger members will benefit and the Club will be providing a community resource which Southwark, Lambeth and Lewisham schools are keen to enjoy.

Why do we need funds?

Our club is part of a family of sports living separate but linked lives on a seven acre site bounded by two roads and two railway lines.  The Dulwich Sports Club recognises that the sensible use of a spare corner of the ground at the back of the pavilion will provide space for a three –lane Indoor Cricket Net facility, an adaptable covered area for playing an indoor game throughout the year and alternative uses for other sports. 

Dulwich Cricket Club must take the project forward; take responsibility for the finance, design and execution of the plan.  Already the membership includes over twenty trained coaches who will provide instruction for our own large Colts Section and offer that service to local schools and youth groups during the week.  We are a Club which receives no subsidies and whose members pay for their sport, but this socially aware project requires a level of funding which is beyond our normal capacity.  Events and initiative will pave the way – we hope that the value of organised sport for the young people of this area will encourage other sources to help us make the Indoor Cricket Project a reality.

Today’s society needs sports activity and lacks facilities.  This project contributes significantly to these objectives, but we need your help – please!

Please contact:

John Smith  -  President  

07831 638 775

Please download our Project Overview (600KB PDF) which describes the project plan, estiamted costs & ideas for the design. It also has lots of background information about the club and its history.