Roll of Honour 2013



Raj Tulsiani 153*, Midweek XI v Streatham & Marlborough (Wednesday 26th June)

Nick Hudson 124, Saturday 2nd XI v Valley End (Saturday 29th June)

Imran Mughal 141, Saturday 3rd XI v Old Wilsonians (Saturday 27th April)

Raj Tulsiani 114, Sunday Academy XI v Worcester Park (Sunday 18th August)

Greg Bond 102*, Sunday Development XI v HSBC (Sunday 23rd June)

Kamran Munawar 101, Saturday 4th XI v Guildford (Saturday 31st August)


Anthony Dalton 7-20, Saturday 3rd XI v Spencer (Saturday 20th July)

Alexander Gledhill 7-25, Saturday 2nd XI v Sanderstead (Saturday 22nd June)

Tom Gatenby 7-38, Saturday 3rd XI v Sutton (Saturday 22nd June)

Chris Lester 6-25, Saturday 1st XI v Camberley (Saturday 22nd June)

Dan Anthony 6-29, Saturday 2nd XI v Cheam (Staurday 13th July)

Sudhakar Rethinasamy 6-25, Saturday 5th XI v Sidcup (Saturday 25th May)

Kieran Reeves 6-41, Staurday 2nd XI v Trinity Mid-Whitgiftians (Saturday 20th July)

Richard Beeching 5-12, Saturday 4th XI v Sunbury (Saturday 11th May)

Simon Peters 5-18, Saturday 6th XI v OId Colfeians (Saturday 11th May)

Salaar Waqar 5-25, Saturday 2nd XI v Valley End (Saturday 29th June)

Will Spencer 5-28, Saturday 4th XI v Ealing (Saturday 13th July)

Sebghat Ullah, 5-35, Saturday 5th XI v Orprington (Saturday 22nd June)

Chris Lester 5-36, Saturday 1st XI v Old Whitgiftians (Saturday 11th May)

Salaar Waqar, 5-36, Saturday 1st XI v Farnham (Saturday 6th July)

Arshad Iftikhar 5-45, Saturday 3rd XI v Wimbledon (Saturday 3rd August)

Jimmy Gibson, 5-47 Saturday 7th XI v Old Whitgiftians (Saturday 3rd August)

Frank Wilson 5-65, Saturday 6th XI v Belvedere (Saturday 6th July)



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